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Question cooling

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Power(s) absorbed p /kW
Operating speed(s) n RPM
Fan diameter D mm
Number of blades   pcs
Blade length x width   xmm
Tip clearance s mm
Hub diameter B mm
Height fan centerline H mm
Ratio i : 1
Height centerline input shaft h mm
Shaft diameter input shaft d mm
Shaft length input shaft l mm
Shaft diameter output shaft d mm
Shaft length output shaft l mm
Distance C.L. output shaft -
               shaft end input shaft
a mm
Drive Shaft



Distance Between Shaft Ends (DBSE) of gearbox and electric motor L mm
Electric motor



IEC - Motorsize    
Nominal power(s) P kW
Nominal speed(s) n RPM
Variable frequency drive   yes


Shaft diameter d mm
Shaft length l mm



  Zipcode/Town                Fax nr.
  e-mail address 


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