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BIS Both Industrial Services B.V.  has for many years been working together with reputable manufacturers of propeller fans :


HUDSON Products Corp.  from Houston, Texas, USA has been one of the leading manufacturers in the world of fans for cooling towers and air-coolers.


De HUDSON "TUF-LITE"  and "TUF-LITE II" fans are available with blades from glass-reinforced vinyl ester or epoxy resins (GRP) in all usual diameters up to 40ft. (12,2 m).


ACOVENT (Azienda Construzione Ventilatori), Senago, Italy,  have been producing fans with extruded aluminium blades for many years .

ACOVENT supply fans in different blade widths and in diameters that cover the largest cooling tower and air-cooler requirements.

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Both manufacturers also offer fans, especially for air-coolers, both adjustable at standstill as well as in the 'auto-variable' design where the blade angle is adjusted pneumatically during operation.

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