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Gear boxes

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pump gear boxes


AMARILLO Gear Company in Amarillo, Texas, USA, is, since 1934, specialised in producing right-angle spiral bevel gear boxes for continuous service in cooling tower installations.




Thanks to their solid and sturdy construction and renowned bearing and sealing design the AMARILLO gear boxes are extremely reliable in arduous cooling tower service, giving a long operating life with a minimum of maintenance.

Single reduction gear boxes are available in a large range of standard ratios from 2 : 1 to 9,5 : 1 and for powers up to 115 kW/ 1500 RPM.

Double reduction boxes cover all cooling tower power requirements up to 335 kW/1500 RPM and are available with ratios from 8 : 1 to
20 : 1.

double reduction gearbox

Especially for air-cooler fan drives Amarillo has developed parallel- gearboxes.

BIS also provide special industrial right-angle gear boxes to drive fire pumps, for powers to over 7.500 kW.




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